Далее, будучи пойманным за руку, господин Кадзалевский усугубляет ситуацию // Tea Party №0
Everything is symbolic, and by not showing solidarity, Europe played into the hands of a Kremlin narrative that has been deployed again and again on far flimsier grounds. The Kremlin argues that the West is fundamentally Russophobic, and it delights in seeing woes of every kind besetting Russia. That the West seeks to spread confusion, dismay, suspicion and uncertainty. (Sound familiar? Yes, this is exactly what Moscow is doing in Europe).

Surrendering to the small-minded individuals who somehow think St. Petersburg does not "deserve" sympathy because of Sevastopol, who assume that every terrible incident is some kind of "false flag" operation instigated by Putin to generate some kind of "rally-round-the-flag" sentiment, is not only wrong, it’s dangerous. It is they who are, ironically enough, his best allies.

Feed the Kremlin love, feed the Kremlin so much love it chokes. Do it either because it is right or do it because it is smart, but do it either way.


Проклятые либерасты уже прямым текстом пишут, что хотят удушить Россию!